Without Maintenance, Things Fall Apart.

Like your car, if your building isn’t maintained, it breaks down.

Without Maintenance, Things Fall Apart. The roof leaks. The furnace breaks down. Drains clog. This doesn’t just make your building look bad to customers; it costs you more money over the long term. General repairs are more expensive than regular maintenance. And emergency repairs can send your costs skyrocketing.

Without Maintenance, Your Building Runs Less Efficiently. Faucets leak. Door seals crack. Filters get plugged. This impacts key areas of building efficiencies, including heat, energy and water loss. This could also reduce your chance of qualifying for green building subsidies.

Without Maintenance, Your Building is Less Healthy. Windows weep. Fans break down. Air ducts get dirty. The result? Increased condensation can cause mould build-up. And air quality can be significantly compromised. You could even run the risk of sick building syndrome.

Keep Costs Down through Regular Maintenance Services

Oil Change: $50. Engine Rebuild: $3,050

Like your car, regular building maintenance costs a lot less then emergency repairs. So don’t let your building get to that engine rebuild stage. With our innovative facilities management program, we focus on regular and scheduled maintenance and repair. As a result, you will require fewer large-scale renovations, structural repairs and emergency services. This translates into lower costs over time for your business.

Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Regular maintenance will help keep your building in like-new condition – making both customers and employees feel comfortable and keep them coming back. We can also work with your facilitie’s specific branding guidelines to maintain a consistent feel throughout your buildings. This is ideal for clients with multiple locations across Western Canada.

We Let you Focus on Your Business

As a facility manager, you have a lot on your plate. At MyPlace, our goal is to make your life easier. We take care of all the maintenance details, so you can focus on the rest of your business. You just have one point of contact for all your services – and all your paperwork. And, we’re just a quick call away for those last minute repairs or emergency services.

Your Facilities Maintenance Partner

At MyPlace, we will tailor a facilities maintenance plan to meet the specific goals of your business. From periodic site visits to ongoing maintenance, we will identify new ways for you to save costs and incorporate more eco-friendly practices.

Our total care service includes managing every step in the maintenance and repair of your building. Through your detailed progress reports, you will have visibility to inventory levels and budgets, so you will never be out of the loop. We will even maintain digital copies of warranties and other important documents to ensure easy access.