Our Services

MyPlace is your outsourced facilities maintenance company. With cost-effective and professional services, we'll take care of all your facility maintenance needs in just one call - so you can focus on your core business. Better yet, we'll save you time and money while providing that much needed peace of mind, from knowing we're just a quick phone call away.

Core Services:

Value-added Services:

  • Detailed budgeting, inventory, document management, reporting and control
  • Design criteria and branding awareness
  • Eco-friendly and green building recommendations and services

The MyPlace Process

Site Review for Maintenance Requirements

Every business is different. That’s why we conduct a thorough site review prior to determining which maintenance program will best suit your needs. The site review will analyze items including:

  1. Size of your facilities
  2. Customer traffic
  3. Type of business
  4. Types of materials used in your facility

Once we’ve determined your needs, we’ll draft a custom facilities maintenance plan for your business.

Pre-Scheduled Periodic Services

Prevention is better than repair. This is true for your car, and it’s true for your facilities. Through our periodic site visits, we’ll ensure your building will stand the test of time. At set intervals, based on your needs, an MyPlace professional will visit your facility to quickly analyze any necessary repairs, replacements or touch-ups. We also get to know your facilities and your design criteria. This means that we’re able to complete our work faster, and with less disruption to your staff and customers. We solve problems before your customers notice them.

Emergency Services and Repair Requests

Accidents happen. You can rest assured that MyPlace is just a quick call away. In case of an accident or emergency, you will receive an immediate response, and a professional can be at your location within 24 hours if necessary.

Budgeting, Reporting & Control

At MyPlace, our reporting systems are designed to give you all the information you need to make informed decisions for all your building maintenance. We provide detailed reporting for individual stores and your facilities as a whole. Through standardization and careful maintenance of your budget, you will be able to see significant cost savings over time.