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MyPlace is pleased to announce it was awarded the construction of 5 new H&R Block projects in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.

H&R Block is Canada’s leading tax service company that, for over 50 years, has proudly served Canadians. H&R Block prepares over 2.5 million tax returns annually and serves taxpayers in more than 1100 offices across the country.

Since the company has offices all throughout North America as well in 13 foreign countries, they’re able to prepare tax returns for Canadians no matter where they are.

About MyPlace

MyPlace Building Services Ltd. is a BC-based firm with clients in the retail, hospitality, hotel and office sectors. Currently we service BC, AB & SK for its corporate clients. MyPlace provides Facilities Maintenance, Servicing, Janitorial, Renovation, Landlord and Tenant improvements.

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Dale Bellavance
Sr. Business Development Manager
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