About Us

A hands-on approach to entertainment

MyPlace emerged from a desire to immerse ourselves, become experts, in an under-served market. With over a decade of building experience, we shifted gears to concentrate on renovation and maintenance, while directing new builds to our established sister company, NGC. We are professional in all aspects of our business, meeting schedules and budgets and operating with a philosophy of excellence.

Our portfolio at MyPlace is diverse with projects of all sizes with leading entertainment providers and independent proprietors. We’re committed to sharing our robust work ethic with clients and building relationships that matter.

Competitive Advantage

Our Core Values Drive Us and Our Clients Forward

Change the Construction Industry for the Better


  • Foster trust through openness with all
  • Use innovative technologies
  • Enrich people’s lives by treating individuals with respect and helping them grow while delivering a proft from all activities in order to create a strong and vibrant construction company that endures


  • Encourage individuality, ability and creativity
  • Integrity, hard work and continuous improvement
  • Service to our customers above all else
  • Be willing to pioneer, set a new path and do the impossible
  • Excellence in reputation and being part of something special


  • Commit to what you say
  • Honour your obligations
  • See the job through to the end
  • Treat people honourably and with respect
  • Respect the vision, purpose and values of MyPlace

Unwavering Leadership

Our mission at MyPlace is to guide our team towards success with a management style of leading by example.

Alfredo Hermano

Chief Executive Officer

An “entrepreneur” by definition, and a graduate of BCIT’s Construction Management program, Alfredo epitomizes the unwavering dedication and mental fortitude needed to push through boundaries and weather the storms of business ownership. As founder and CEO of both MyPlace and sister company, NGC, Alfredo firmly believes in hard work and perseverance. He is set on changing the construction industry with innovative ideas, expanding into those new areas with limitless potential.